Tuesday, December 3, 2013

He's my cute bud :)

(Before you start read this, I nak you play lagu Backstreetboys//Shape of my heart. Just for first paragraph cause I'm typing this while listen to this song..)

Hello buddies, tonight I got new story nak cerita..It's about my bud. HAHA He's fucking cute I told yaa, lagi-lagi when he smiling smiling. Arghhh haha like seriously he's so cute. I nak cerita HOW CUTE FAIZ IS.. I met him dekat bilik MPP, time tu ada rehearsal dance for Farewell Night. Orang pertama ajar I dance dia lah. Actually he's a dancer, a great dancer you all. He ajar me the steps lah, haha so kelakar cause I tak dapat-dapat step tu sampai sekarang and yeah that was the first time I met Kaymell too hehe. At first memang nak join dance with them, but fikir balik I ada band performance untuk Farewell night tu juga..Okay nak dipendekkan cerita, I actually takut dengan Faiz ni mula-mula. I cakap kat Tania that I takut cakap with Faiz, cause muka dia serious sometimes, and macam nak marah I. Please Faiz, I didn't meant to hurt you (HAHAHA). Faiz, you know what you look more cute if you suak your hair like Tania did kat you. Oh ya guys, Faiz pun kini dah sedar yang dia cute. I dah screen 'cap' semuanya..nanti ada masa I post okay. Do follow him at twitter www.twitter.com/ahmadfaizhizami . Do follow me too, www.twitter.com/miaahmads :)

(Okay now you change lagu Miley Cyrus//When I Look At You pula, then baru baca the second paragraph...)

Guys, I would like to say Thank You for being such a cute and nice friends. Korang treated us really nice, I'm sorry if I ada menyusahkan or buat korang sentap and whatsoever. I'll never forget the first time I met you guys (Faiz,Kaymell and Mitol). I really had a good time with my fav boys/senior. Faiz I just don't know what to say. Whatever it is, YOUR SMILE SANGAT CUTE! Don't give up, don't stress..Your friends always there,here and wherever you are bud. That was not last forever, I know you tahu apa yang I maksudkan. Stay positive and stay cute. I suppose to describe how cute you are right haha see I can't even explain it, cause TOO CUTE. This is special for my bud! Too young to be depress, too cute to cry.. Enjoy your life,we're young and free yeahhh #WatlekWatpeace.

xoxo Airmaa :)