Monday, March 24, 2014

I'm proud of my girl 💋

Hi uols lama tak update this blog I tonight I tengah lepaking with my girl (tanny) and my bud (Faiz) at usual place ( AREA ) . So rasa nak update blog yang dah bersawang ni. I don't know what to share but my girl said cerita pasal dia. So yesterday, she ada tournament futsal for girls under our college. They training futsal malam sebelum the tournament. I was there tengok diorang training (actually sekejap je then I pergi amik nasi. Lapar perut tak ku tahan). Okay the next day, tournament nya I tak pergi because I joined a day trip with my mentor Encik Bad, and all his mentee. So nak dipendek kan cerita, I was busy cari buku at the BookerVille, my cell buzzed and I glanced at the screen, and it was a text from Tanny. She won ! I mean her team. So proud because diorang training berapa jam then champion. Bravo! Girls power! Oh yeah nama team diorang BTB. I bet you've heard this name before.