Thursday, September 4, 2014

20 facts about me

1. I love to laugh and please make me laugh.
2. I'll love you if you make me laugh.
3. I'll love you if you sing for me
4. One of my fav activities, drive to nowhere with friends. (Day and night)
5. YOLO trip is my fav 
6. Love unexpected things & journey 
7. I love red roses. And I'll die if I get it. 
8. Thing that can piss me off is when you make fun of me
9. I hate when people say "lawak nya" when I tell them a joke. Gfy. 
10. I don't like guy from a rich family
11. Tall guys, not too skinny, with spectacle.
12. A guy who can play instrument and can sing. 
13. Hate when people judge the way I dress up
14. Hate emotional and 'over romantic' person. 
15. Place I want to go New York. Don't ask me why, I've my own reason.
16. I love rooftop. 
17. Love stargazing 
18. Well, I love to sing.
19. Deeply in love with Ed Sheeran
20. Last but not least, I'm fragile.