Thursday, December 4, 2014

4 December 2014

When I was kid, I never know what is the meaning of "sayang" between two different sex. Then I grew up and I met a lot of people. First I was dreaming to have a cute and charming guy and hope he can give me the things I needed, especially love. I learned every mistake, and I realized I met the wrong guy. Life continues with bumping with another guy, and other guy and other guy until I got a big slapped which make me realized they were nothing to me. All this while I thought seeking the right one is easy, but I was wrong. Indeed, you don't need a charming guy, rich and so on, because those are not gonna define your happiness. Actually you only need someone who sees you as who you are. Well of course never give up. Never mad at you. Full of surprise. Accompany you like every single time. Back then, I let someone who is truly love me go. Now lesson learned, I never make the same mistake.